The eSports industry is a dynamic, viable, and lucrative industry with engaging career opportunities available to those who have the needed skills, capabilities, and practices needed to successfully enter and navigate the industry and ecosystem.

We created a pipeline to show youth the way. It includes our skills-building platform, a league, and an apprenticeship program.

With over 30+ years of industry and education experience and expertise, we understand how young people learn best with technology.

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Our STEM-accredited program (eligible for Title I and Title III funding) maps to common core standards, particularly in Career Technical Education. As a result, youth build skills and capacity in computer literacy, agile thinking, data and statistical analysis, scientific reasoning and research, problem solving and critical thinking. They also gain certifications through digital badges. They build their professional network and portfolio strengthening their mental/physical health, teamwork, and development of the employability skills necessary for 21st century STEM/STEAM based careers.

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No Risk Guarantee!

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What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

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Nicole J. - YEL Parent

Thanks again to the Youth Esport League for a wonderful experience. I thought to myself that Caden's gaming experience will be forever etched in his mind. I am so grateful Caden spent so much of his time with you all, doing something he enjoyed and learning so many good lessons that are transferable to other areas of his life in the process. We definitely want to keep him involved with your organization.

Carter C. - YEL Member

I had a great experience in YEL. I learned how to record KPI's, take care of my body, and good habits to lead to success. My experience in league helped me see myself as a professional gamer. I believe i have what it takes to make it as a pro gamer.

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Nicole Walters

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